Twenty Ways We Can Help You & Your Family

Mark Sagor


We Help with everything





1. Professional assessment and short-term counseling for any personal problem or concern.

2. Experienced consultation on improving workplace relationships with peers and/or managers.

3. Guidance to help determine what mental health counseling approach will work best, based on communication style, goals, insurance and ability to pay.

4. Consultation focused on improving communication effectiveness at home and/or at work.

5. Consultation with families to assess relationship problems and find resources to provide support and empower change.

6. Access to legal services. Consultation (in person or by phone) with an attorney at no cost regarding divorce, consumer matters, bankruptcy, and much more.

7. Access to a financial planners who can help with issues of debt management, budgeting, retirement planning, college financing and much more.

8. Reliable  informational resources, self-assessments, and on-line training programs regarding emotional well-being, family, health, & work.

9.  Support, problem solving and referral for a mental health problem like depression or anxiety.

10. Support and guidance for difficult decisions and major life issues/changes (e.g., divorce, retirement, or resignation, or choosing to accept a transfer, promotion).

11.  Counseling and support following a death, injury, or other traumatic event.

12.  Professional assessment and referral for addiction issues including alcohol, drugs and gambling.

13.  Childcare consultation and referral: our specialists will help you find childcare centers, family daycare, summer camps, after-school programs and more.

14.  Telephonic counseling if visiting the EAP office is not possible or convenient.

15.  Eldercare consultation and referral: our specialists will help you find home health services, nursing homes, senior centers, assisted living facilities, medicare information and more.

16.  Work-Life consultation and referral: our specialists will help you find physicians and dentists, home improvement specialists, movers, health and fitness programs, and more.

17.  Provide assessment, support, and guidance to prevent job loss resulting from policy infractions or penalties imposed by courts for legal offenses (for example, DUI education, positive drug tests, etc.).

18. Provide 24/7/365 access to licensed mental health counselors.

19. Provide consultation and informational resources to support the college and financial aid application process.

20. Provide consultation and referral for educational and training opportunities.