The Comprehensive EAP Blog Turns One Hundred

Mark Sagor

100th blog





We launched Comprehensive EAP’s blog on June 6, 2012  with an expression of hope for what it would become:

………a place where we can think about the psychology of behavior, health and productivity in the workplace.  What makes us more productive and more fulfilled? What gets in our way and impairs health, safety and productivity? What can we do to perform better and feel better about our work? How can we successfully manage the demands of work with our family and personal lives as we live through a period where the boundaries between them are eroding rapidly? And perhaps most of all I want to think about how the EAP profession can help make workplace(s)…healthier and more productive…

The hundred post milestone offers a timely opportunity to reflect on the journey thus far and adjust the blog’s GPS (“recalculating”) for the next destination.

So what have we learned from the first 100 posts?

Guest Writers Are Good As Gold

Google Analytics reveals that the most popular piece I wrote was A Wealth of Information Creates a Poverty of Attention.

However, in the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that this post was a (very) distant second in popularity to a guest post by Joshua Sagor: Human Resources in Brazil: Different Country, Similar, Problems.

And our third most popular post was also by a guest writer: Pam Ressler’s Wonder Woman Syndrome & Heart Health.

Note to self: find more guest writers.

If You Want People To Share It On Facebook Make It Personal

Our blog, reflecting the inherent nature of Employee Assistance Programs, has two distinct audiences: individuals and companies.  So some of our posts are directed at individual contributors and some are targeted specifically for management.

The personal posts, not surprisingly, have created much more engagement on Facebook.

A post about my marriage recorded the most shares on Facebook and was the fourth most popular blog overall. It only took me 45 years to complete the research for this 600 word post. I should have another one ready on the subject by 2059.

Keep Writing About Things You Care About

The first time I thought our blog legitimately might have a chance to reach one hundred was a piece that I wrote about not giving up on something just because you are not as good at it as you want to be.  In retrospect, I see I was delivering a pep talk to myself with this post. It worked.

Keep Your Focus

It’s been a lot easier to develop topics since we slimmed down our mission statement to  “Connecting individual well-being with organizational success”. Happy really does outperform Grumpy.

I remain fascinated by the many particular demonstrations of this principle like Ethel Weiss who figured out her own formula for remaining happy and productive at work for 74 years.

74 years would mean 3700 posts at the current rate. That’s 2,200,000 words! I think I need another pep talk.

It’s Really Hard to Get Reader Comments

Our  biggest disappointment has been the lack of reader comments. When we launched the blog I was hoping for much more dialogue. If you have any ideas on that subject I would really like to talk with you.

Perhaps you would like to leave a comment?

Google Analytics and Our Readers are Awesome

Google Analytics tells you how many people read your post, what device they read it on, how long they spent on the page, how they were referred to your website, where they live and much more.

The only thing it doesn’t do is thank your readers for their loyal support and interest.

So let me do that myself. Thank you all for sticking with us for the first 100.

We promise to continue working hard to bring you content which rewards the time you spend with us.