Sleep Coaching: An Innovative Approach to Better Sleeping

Rick Clerici

I can't sleepSleep has become one of the hottest topics in medical and corporate circles.

In the past 10 years there has been a mounting volume of studies, surveys and discoveries validating the fundamental importance of sleep. The National Institute of Health states it plainly: “sleep plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing throughout your life.”

Insufficient sleep has been linked to cardiovascular problems like heart attack, hypertension and stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, pain syndromes, learning disabilities and other cognitive problems, depression, anxiety and heightened risk for suicide. Workplace accidents and performance problems are also prevalent outcomes of insufficient sleep.

At Comprehensive EAP we have developed our Sleep Coaching program in response to these essential facts:

1. Insufficient sleep has reached nearly epidemic levels in all industrialized countries.

2. Sufficient sleep is an essential core condition for good physical, emotional and cognitive health.

3. Improving sleep quality can be achieved through brief, high quality sleep coaching sessions.

The really good news here is that the same body of scientific research also demonstrates that improving your sleep lowers your risk for all of these diseases and disorders while also:

  • Increasing overall energy and resilience
  • Improving clarity of thought and heightened creativity
  • Enhancing mood and improving memory and learning
  • Supporting weight control
  • Reducing anxiety and depression.

The majority of sleep problems (difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep and waking too early) can be addressed with simple but specific lifestyle and habit changes. Sleep coaching is a simple, convenient way to begin winning back your good sleep. People who improve their sleep quality are often surprised by the positive changes and improvements that accompany better sleep.

Sleep coaching can be done in your home or office during telephone sessions that last approximately 20 minutes. Coaching begins with a sleep assessment questionnaire that helps the user and coach get a more accurate picture of a typical night’s sleep and general sleep patterns. Up to three sessions are available at no cost to Comprehensive EAP clients. You will also get a survey sheet that helps in assessing improvement over time. Though many people try to tough it out and endure chronically insufficient sleep, avoidance often turns out to be a dangerous strategy.

Genuine help is available. Please feel free to contact us ( for more information.

Rick Clerici C.Ht. certified hypnotherapist and certified clinical sleep educator is the Senior Sleep Consultant at Comprehensive EAP. Rick has blended strategies and insights from his hypnotic work with his sleep education experience to create a unique approach to corporate wellness programs.