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Supervisor and manager training are included (either on-site or online), at no additional charge, as part of our standard EAP service package. The EAP Management Orientation Program is an important contributor to the success and high level of utilization we seek in our programs. Supervisors have the difficult task of meeting organizational goals as well as being sensitive to the needs of their employees. When an employee is experiencing personal problems his/her performance may be affected. When routine supervisory corrective actions do not result in improved performance, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help. While many employees will seek help on their own, others will require more support and encouragement from the supervisor. Our EAP Management Orientation Program is designed to make sure that your supervisors know when and how to make a referral to the EAP when employee personal problems spill over into the workplace.

We also are able to offer you a wide variety of additional training seminars and webinars on many additional People Management topics drawing upon our network of 2500 credentialed trainers. Every seminar topic is customizable to include relevant information about your company and work environment and can be delivered before, during or after work hours. A few examples of the extensive training programs we offer include:

Addressing Conflict: A Managers Guide

Building Positive Relationships at Work

Managing A Decentralized Team: Multiple Locations and Various Schedules

Managing Under Pressure: Making Decisions and Communicating

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace: Basic Overview & Compliance

Using Teamwork to Promote Success & Productivity