G.U.I.D.E. to Improved Sleep & Better Health

Rick Clerici

error-404-sleep-not-foundAre you getting enough sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation survey reports that 60% of us struggle with our sleep every night. Sleep problems, which are being linked to an ever expanding array of health and psychological problems, were recently described as “the new health frontier.”

Employers, who are waking up to the mounting evidence documenting the impact of insufficient sleep on productivity and safety, are responding with new programs to help employees sleep better.

Organizations are making these investments because improving sleep can lead to dramatic gains in health, energy, creativity, mood, memory, and resilience.

I would like to report some preliminary results from the new sleep coaching service we have developed at Comprehensive EAP to help individuals improve their sleep.

There are 5 key elements, captured in the G.U.I.D.E. acronym, to our approach to sleep education and coaching:

Guide: Make an accurate self assessment of sleep quality and satisfaction which will guide the direction of coaching.

Understanding: Teach a clear understanding of the vital importance of sleep and the rewards of sleep improvement.

Identify: Identify sleep problems and the most probable sources of those problems.

Detail: Describe in detail the specific changes that will improve sleep.

Empower: Empower the client to initiate and sustain those specific changes.

Employees have the choice of scheduling their 20 minute (telephonic) sleep coaching sessions during work hours or while at home. Detailed questionnaires help the employee and the sleep coach get an accurate picture of sleep quality before the first session.

The responses from our first six participants suggest that we are on the right track:

“I’m amazed at how quickly my sleep has improved. I have a higher level of energy, less aches and pains and fewer morning headaches.”

“I’m very happy with overall progress and the future for my sleep.”

“I’m surprised at how soon my sleep got better. I know I only have to continue these habit changes.”

“The exercise that you taught me to get back to sleep after waking during the night really works. Better sleep is helping me to feel more clear during the daytime.”

“I’m sleeping better on the whole”

“I’m sleeping better and longer (after two sessions)

The success of any wellness program requires convenient access and measurable results. The initial responses to our new sleep coaching program show promising results on both fronts.

Rick Clerici C.Ht. certified hypnotherapist and certified clinical sleep educator is the Senior Sleep Consultant at Comprehensive EAP. Rick has blended strategies and insights from his hypnotic work with his sleep education experience to create a unique approach to corporate wellness programs.