EAP Orientation for Employees & Family Members

If you are interested in a quick tour of your EAP benefit you will find it here in “Understanding Your EAP Benefits.” These slides walk you through services, eligibility, costs, confidentiality and program access. You will see why we say “We help with everything.”

Want us to come onsite for an orientation? Please either call us at 800-344-1011 or send  an email to info@compeap.com

Employee EAP Benefit Brochure

Download a copy of our brochure which describes in detail all of the services available to you and your family through the Comprehensive EAP benefit: mental health counseling, childcare consultation and referral, eldercare consultation and referral, work-life convenience services, legal and financial consultation and more.

Ordering Brochures for Your Employees

If you are in Management or Human Resources and would like more brochures to distribute to your employees, please feel free to order them.

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