Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

The most recent National Sleep Foundation survey tells us that 60% of Americans report that they struggle with sleep nearly every night. Poor sleep is a major cause of automobile accidents, 18% of all workplace accidents and numerous physical and emotional problems.

The Comprehensive EAP Sleep Coaching program provides personal, telephonic sessions that will get you on the road to better sleep, enhanced health and increased energy.

  • a sleep assessment and evaluation questionnaire that will help you and your coach better understand your sleep
  • educational materials that enhance the sleep improvement process
  • up to 3 private telephone consultations with a sleep educator and coach
  • referrals when additional medical resources are desired
  • techniques and tools that really work to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep

For further information about our Sleep Coaching services please email, call 1-800-344-1011 or read Sleep Coaching: An Innovative Approach to Better Sleeping

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