Legal and Financial Services

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Legal services

We contract with a nationwide network of attorneys to provide you and your family members with legal consultations about virtually any personal matter. Our legal staff will talk to you about your needs and connect you with a local attorney who is appropriate and available.

  • 30 minute complementary session with a local attorney.
  • 25% discount in hourly fees if you choose to retain the attorney beyond the free initial consultation.

Financial services

Our financial counselors and educators are available to discuss a wide array of consumer debt, budgeting and savings issues:

  • Consultants address issues via telephone and follow up by mailing supporting educational materials.
  • Advice is objective and pressure free.

Identity Theft Services

This service provides a 30 minute telephonic consultation with a certified consumer credit counselor if you have any concerns, questions or issues about ID theft.

  • The counselor will help you to assess your situation, create an action plan and provide the knowledge and tools to effectively implement the plan.
Couple consulting on legal and financial matters