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An On-Line Resource Center for Employees and Managers

Access to professional work-life consultants via instant messaging and email, on-line seminars, self-assessment tools, training modules and a wide array of well-researched articles and other useful informational resources.

Family & Caregiving
A place for employees and family members to locate the family services they need or to find the latest research and professional guidance. Employees can choose to receive professional assistance from our staff on-line or they can use our self-service locators to find what they are looking for.

Emotional Well-Being
Timely information in combination with safe and confidential self-assessment can often be the first step in resolving an emotional problem. We provide current and professionally researched information about maintaining optimal mental health as well as many useful tools for individuals who want to assess their own status with regard to depression, chemical dependency, and other behavioral and emotional issues.

Health & Wellness
We have many types of assessments that allow employees to better manage their health as well as determine what specific steps they can take to make life changing improvements.

Working Smarter
We have skill builders and self-assessment tools for employees and managers that cover a wide range of topics and provide an opportunity for self-paced and individualized learning.

Daily Living
Employees can find useful consumer tips and calculators, commonly used documents, and access to the best and most current time-saving information on the topics that concern them most in managing their busy lives.

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