How We Work

Program Design & Rollout

Every one of our accounts (whether you have less than a hundred employees or several thousand) works with one of our firm’s senior partners during the program design and rollout phase of program implementation. We want to make sure during this phase that you will get the exact Employee Assistance Program that your organization needs and that the program is introduced in the way that best suits your needs, circumstances and logistics.

  • What EAP services are most important to you?
  • Do you have multiple sites? Multiple shifts?
  • Different organizational cultures at different locations?
  • Special compliance issues around Drug-Free Workplace or other mandates?
  • Do you require multi-lingual materials?
  • Do you prefer on-line or onsite orientation sessions for employees and managers?

We know our services and you know your company so we always take the time to collaborate with our clients on program design and rollout decisions.

Initial Implementation

Once your program design and rollout plan is finalized you will have an account manager assigned to work with your team on every facet of program implementation.  Your account manager is responsible to see that the program design and rollout plan is executed with precision and to coordinate all the logistics of Program Implementation including:

  • Distribution of initial announcements and EAP informational materials to employees and family members
  • Delivery of all  employee and management orientation programs
  • Distribution of all EAP materials to Supervisors and Managers
  • Customized EAP website portal deployment
  • Analysis of early utilization patterns to make adjustments if necessary

Ongoing Account Management

Your account manager will remain with you after the initial implementation period to monitor program adoption and utilization on an ongoing basis. While your account manager will be your first point of contact for all service needs, our program co-founders will always be available to consult with you on any EAP related matter. There may be times, for example, when you have a particularly sensitive personal matter involving one of your most senior people when you will find it useful to consult with our most senior people. Our entire team is always available to you.

  • We will provide, at minimum, one customized flyer per month highlighting one of our services and/or our monthly webinar for employees.
  • We will attend your health fairs, benefit fairs and other company events to promote EAP visibility

We will provide customized aggregate utilization reports and trend analysis (while strictly preserving client confidentiality) according to your specifications