Confidence in your workplace

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The success of your organization depends on your most valuable resource: your employees. CompEAP offers custom solutions to provide the support to keep your organization and employees engaged and productive.

Build and Support


Your company’s EAP is much more than just a great benefit for employees.

It’s also a great resource for managers and human resources staff. One of the most complicated and sensitive issues organizations contend with is employee personal problems showing up in the workplace.

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Organizations who want to build smarter and higher performing teams need leaders who are people smart.

Your EAP can play a key role in helping ensure that your frontline managers are up to the challenge.

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Since 1991, Comprehensive EAP has been an established New England firm with local, regional and national clients.


We are known for our integrity and discretion, the personal involvement of our principals in each client account, and our dedication to providing only the highest caliber of services to managers and employees.

Peace of mind and flexibility no matter your company's size.

What do small companies need most? Some high quality EAP firms have virtually abandoned the market for companies with less than 150 employees by establishing prohibitively high minimum annual fees. Comprehensive EAP believes in this market and appreciates the opportunity to partner with companies of this size.

Beneficial Outcomes

The business community is developing a variety of interventions that are designed to improve the health and productivity of employees while controlling their health care costs.

Employers are well-positioned to positively influence employee health and behavioral choices with a wide array of tools including: financial incentives to reward positive health behaviors, healthy food choices in the cafeteria, effective management practices that reduce stress and increase productivity, health education seminars, health coaching and employee assistance programs.